I think we all are really upset about all this alien thing! Its a great song… and don’t deserve all this meltdown. So… I decided to re-make the song! I’m working on it for about 2 weeks… I used some unheard elements… I used the BEST takes that she recorded… and I made a break mixing some slave/hold it against me elements! I changed the chorus… changed the intro… and made some differents effects on pre-chorus! like on the words “home” “alien”… The intention is to give a brand new vide to the song, a fresh air… and show the beautiful vocals from the studio! Hope you like it! Hope you all spread the word! on tumblr, twitter, other sites/forums… Hope it will be mainpage… and I hope the meltdown stop!

Download on “buy”

also, check it out on youtube: http://youtu.be/_0SKkyHOOsU